Together, we represent animals

Animal Society builds a strong network of partners to strengthen political representation of animals. If you are interested, have a look and become part of the network!

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Our vision

We envision a world in which also animals have their interests represented in parliaments and ministries. We know that this will take time. But we also know it is the right time to get started! Read our claims on important political steps into the direction of a more adequate political representation of animals.

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Our mission is to bring all experts and players together to advance animal politics

1. To exchange with experts and learn from other policy areas, 2. To inspire and launch successful campaigns to make a difference 3. To develop common pathways and goals for collective actions.

This is how you can join as an organisation

Join our network as an organisation or an expert. Together, we will combine our competences to develop a political representation of animals

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Who we are

"Representing Animals" has been initiated and is coordinated by the Animal Rights NGO "Animal Society" from Germany.

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Representing Animals is an international Network

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